Why Girls Trips Are Good for the Soul

I’m lucky enough to have three best friends from college that I get to travel with every year, and let me tell you – those girls trips are some of the best. trips. ever.

Our very first trip was to New York City in 2015, and it was all our first time to the Big Apple. What a learning experience that was! But now, 6 years and many trips later, we have our travel preferences down to a science and we know how to do it right! But even more important than figuring out the itinerary and deciding on restaurants is what we’ve learned about the importance of these trips along the way.

First, we can ALL use a break from our daily lives – now more than ever. Girls trips are the perfect way to take a few days and get away from the stressors of work, mom life, and basically all grown up responsibilities and just have fun (and we’re good at that)! Sometimes that means going non-stop all day and night exploring new places. Sometimes it is simply about finding the best food. And other times, it’s having a slow morning in a comfy hotel bed with warm coffee and room service. Every trip and day looks a little bit different, but the one thing we all enjoy is taking it back to the days when we had limited responsibilities and could spend our time however we please. That’s a grownup’s dream!

Girls trips for us are all about the memories, too. We spend LOTS of time talking about the past, specifically our college days, which is how we all met. Stories of rowdy tailgates, late nights at dirty bars, summers at the lake or pool are told repeatedly. And new memories are made through shared experiences and fun adventures that we’ll reminisce on and talk about on the next trip, and the next, and the next…

Of course, you have girl talk that continues into the wee hours of the morning. From dissecting the latest RHOBH drama to catching up on people we knew back when, there’s plenty of time to dish the dirt. You just can’t have a girls trip without girl talk!

Nothing takes you back to college days living in dorms or a sorority house or sharing a place with several roommates like four girls getting ready in a single hotel room! There’s no telling how much dry shampoo is sprayed, makeup is applied and how many outfits are tried on (and quickly discarded) in the span of one long weekend on girl’s trips!

Perhaps the primary theme of every girls trip we take is laughter! From the first moment we get together, we find a way to giggle, laugh and be silly basically nonstop. And you know what they say about laughter – it’s the best medicine! And even if your life doesn’t have a need for medicine at the moment, the laughs and fun had on girls trips are still the best!

I could list a million more reasons why girls trips are a great thing, but I think you get the hint. If you haven’t traveled with your girlfriends lately, I challenge you to make this the year you plan a trip with your best girls – I can promise you won’t regret it!

If you’re planning a girls trip, let me know where you’re going in the comments below! Or, share your favorite past destination to give us all inspo!

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  1. Maybe the importance of Mother/Daughter trips can be your next topic. 😁
    I’m kidding.
    I love to read your stories…you’re good at…but I remember how bad you use to hate it!

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