Wedding Wednesday: My Wedding Inspo

We’re just a week away from our wedding planning trip to Colorado, and I’m so excited to get back out there! This weekend, my mom and I are taking the day to go through everything we have boxed up from the wedding to assess what we have and what we need to replace. We’d already shipped everything to Colorado for our wedding last year when it got cancelled, so once they shipped everything back to us, my mom was kind enough to pack everything up in totes for us so I didn’t have to deal with it. This will be the first time I’ve looked at any of it since we packed it up nearly two years ago!

I’m hoping between going back through everything and going out there to meet with all of our vendors, that I will get back in wedding planning mode! I’ve been struggling with that this go-round, because we aren’t really changing anything and basically it’s planned, but getting all of the details ironed out again, picking out invites, etc. just hasn’t really been on my radar – but it’s time! I’m also hoping that looking back at all of this inspo that led to me making all the choices I did for our wedding will help inspire me once again. So, here we go!

As you know from the first Wedding Wednesday post, we are getting married at Keystone Resort in Colorado. And, we’re getting married outside in the snow! Once we’d decided that was what we wanted, we planned a trip to Colorado to tour several venues. I’d created a Pinterest board called Venue Possibilities and saved everything I loved, and as it turned out, we toured several of the venues I’d pinned on my board – including the one we ultimately decided on. Looking at my pins, I recognized a rustic theme. But while we both loved the venue being rustic, I knew I wanted to elevate the actual wedding itself with classic details like candles and beautiful greenery to capture both of our personalities.

For the ceremony, I knew I wanted to get married outside. I originally really wanted to get married on top of the mountain, but after going over the logistics of getting guests up to the ceremony location while the mountain was open to skiers, as well as the possibility of weather shutting gondolas down and not having a backup location, we made the decision that a mountaintop ceremony wouldn’t work for us. So, when we saw the beautiful views from Keystone Ranch of the valley surrounded by mountains, we decided that was pretty awesome, too! I’d seen several photos I loved of people using trees as their ceremony backdrop, and since we needed something to help put the focus on us (picture me in a white dress standing in a field of white snow as far as you can see…I’d get lost), we decided to create a mini-forest backdrop with trees.

Since our wedding is in winter and I knew we’d have lots of greenery, I really wanted to elevate the d├ęcor and florals using rich colors. I looked at lots and lots of different color palettes but kept being drawn back to greens, golds and deep wine colors.

I knew I wanted a lot of candles used for the reception to create a soft, romantic feel in the dining area and in the living room of the Ranch, where the party would take place (the living room is the room pictured with the fireplace above). And, I knew I didn’t want tall floral arrangements or centerpieces, because I wanted it to be easy for everyone to converse and spend time together. Working with our florist, we came up with a great plan to include laid greenery across all of the tables, with loose flowers and lots of candles spread throughout to add a little bit of color and warmth.

These were the basic details that we decided on that quickly determined the rest of the choices we made in planning our clothing choices, paper goods, signage and more! To see more of the inspiration I used for our wedding, view my wedding Pinterest here.

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